The Front Runner (2018)

The true story of Gary Hart’s presidential campaign and the ensuing scandal involving his affair.
Full Certification

  Animal Action

Poster for The Front Runner
The Front Runner
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Certification: Full Certification

Throughout the film the main actors have two dogs. In the scene where the actors sit on their front steps with the dogs, while a photo-shoot occurs, the dogs were trained and prepped for the action. The dogs’ animal handlers were present for filming. The dogs met both actors prior to filming. The footing was safe for dogs. There was no traffic in the vicinity. The photographers’ strobe lights were weak and did not bother the dogs. When filming began, the actors pet the dogs and held them by the collar when necessary. After the sixth take, both dogs were given treats by the handlers, put back on-leash, and walked back to the holding area on the lawn.

In the opening sequence where we see a policeman on horseback in front of a hotel during a protest, the wranglers were in wardrobe. The street was closed to traffic, cables covered, extras and crew instructed on how to work around the horses. Horses were saddled at base camp by wranglers. Prior to shooting one of the trainers positioned a horse to start behind a group of extras that moved from the corner of the street down to the front of the hotel. Once the crowd started moving forward he slowly walked his horse behind them to the corner. He walked back and forth approximately five to ten feet. After shooting the scene, the trainers brought the horses back to the safety area near the set.