Budget for all live animal filming dates: This includes scripted animal action, unscripted animal action, background animal action, and animals provided by private parties. American Humane cannot guarantee CASR coverage and may miss days due to CASR availability, but our intention is to monitor all live animal action. Although CASR presence for rehearsals and prep is generally at production’s discretion, American Humane may require a CASR present for rehearsals or prep involving intense action and/or stunts.

  • Full Day vs. Half Day: A full day or half day is not set in advance of the shoot. The CASR needs to be present for the duration of time the animal is on set. If that is six hours or less, the half day rate will be invoiced.
  • Mileage, Travel and Commuting Time: Time is calculated portal to portal from the CASR’s residence. We are unable to provide mileage estimates ahead of the filming date because specific CASR assignments are not confirmed until the evening prior to filming. Commuting time is charged on days the CASR is on set, a maximum of two billable hours per day. Travel time is charged on days the rep is traveling only, a maximum of eight billable hours per day.
  • Idle Days: Idle days apply when an out-of-town CASR has been traveled to location and there is no animal action. Idle days apply to a five-day workweek, and weekends are not subject to idle day fees. Idle day fees do not apply to productions assigned a local CASR.
  • Travel Expenses: All expenses related to travel are charged to production, including airfare, auto rental, gas, hotel, parking, mileage, tolls, and per diem.

COVID-19 Production Advisory

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SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19) is a global concern. Human-to-animal transfer has been known to occur in some species, therefore American Humane believes precautions should be taken to protect animal actors.

Each Production has its own unique set of circumstances. In pre-production, while you are planning your work with animals, contact American Humane for guidance. Our Resource Center is open and available to answer your animal-related questions and advise you on how best to ensure animal safety and welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us at 1-818-501-0123 or email us.