Next Steps After Registering

Production Documents: Email applicable production documents (script, storyboards, schedules, crew list) to [email protected].

  • Scripts/storyboards must be reviewed by Film & TV Unit office, no exceptions.
  • American Humane will sign NDAs. NDAs must be submitted to Film & TV Unit office prior to filming date for review by our General Counsel, based in Washington D.C.
  • Add [email protected] to script/schedule/call sheet distro so the Film & TV Unit office can stay up to date with changes.

Film & TV Unit office will be production’s main contact: regardless of the specific CASR assigned to set. All documents and correspondence should be sent to [email protected].

  • Update Film & TV Unit office ASAP in the event of a schedule change, even if a specific CASR has already been assigned to set.

Pre-Production Planning & Consultation: Film & TV Unit office will review production documents and may email you with questions and/or send additional guidelines/advisories regarding specific animal action.

  • Prompt attention to these emails will ensure your production is fully prepared for a safe, efficient shoot.
  • American Humane may require a pre-production meeting to discuss intense animal action.
  • Crew working with the animals are welcome to contact Film & TV Unit office for advice/guidance.

Scheduling a CASR: The Film & TV Unit office will schedule the most appropriate, closest CASR available to location. The assignment will ultimately depend on CASR availability.

  • Local CASR. Specific CASR assignments are not confirmed until the evening prior to filming, after the Film & TV Unit office has received all call sheets. The Film & TV Unit office will respond to the call sheet email with the specific CASR name. Due to the nature of our industry, our CASR assignments change up to the last minute and we are unable to confirm assignments prior to the receipt of the call sheet (unless travel is required).
  • Out-of-Town CASR. If the Film & TV Unit office determines an out-of-town CASR is required, you will be provided their contact details once one has been assigned. Out-of-town CASR assignments are typically scheduled a week prior to filming. We schedule the most appropriate, closest CASR available. Non-SAG-AFTRA and International productions must submit signed contracts before a CASR can be assigned.
  • American Humane is not able to guarantee a CASR on set. The “No Animals Were Harmed®” program is a mission-based, grant-supported program, and may not be able to monitor all productions requesting service. Should there be more requests than available CASRs, set coverage determinations are based on animal intensity.

Invoicing: After the CASR has been on set, accounting will invoice production the applicable animal monitoring fees. CASRs are not paid directly and are not included in production’s payroll.

COVID-19 Production Advisory

View COVID-19 Production Advisory »

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19) is a global concern. Human-to-animal transfer has been known to occur in some species, therefore American Humane believes precautions should be taken to protect animal actors.

Each Production has its own unique set of circumstances. In pre-production, while you are planning your work with animals, contact American Humane for guidance. Our Resource Center is open and available to answer your animal-related questions and advise you on how best to ensure animal safety and welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us at 1-818-501-0123 or email us.